In his first speech as MP Wigneswaran demands recognition of Tamil rights

In his first speech as a Member of Parliament (MP), former Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran today demanded the recognition of Tamil rights.

He said that the people living in the North and East have a right to self-determination.

Wigneswaran also noted that every act will have its opposite reaction.

He repeated the words in Sinhalese saying “kala kala deh pala pala de” drawing a few reactions from the House.

Wigneswaran expressed these views after congratulating newly appointed Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena.

Wigneswaran was elected as a Member of Parliament at the last Parliamentary elections.

He was the former Chief Minister in the Northern Province and came to the limelight with the support of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

However, he later split from the TNA and formed his own party. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I urge those making comments here in regards to this news article to actually seek out a video of MP Wigneswaran’s statements at his first parliamentary session.
    This article does not capture his statements and sentiments in their entirety. This is unfortunate and has seemingly triggered adversarial misinterpretations by some commenters here. But then again anyone staunch in their stance for equal rights for the Tamil minority are bound to face the wrath of such commenters.

    • What rights of the poverty stricken majority don’t you have or would like to have? Enlighten us.

      The Tamil representation is proportionate to their electoral numbers. I as a member of a community of fifty five thousand plus island wide have NONE ! And, I think that is justified.

  2. self-determination
    noun: self-determination
    the process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own government.
    “the changes cannot be made until the country’s right to self-determination is recognized”
    the process by which a person controls their own life.
    “services for the mentally ill should aim to promote individuals’ capacity for self-determination”

    @sugandh t.

    I hope the definition provides you some clarity as to the meaning of self-determination. There are many jaundiced views as to what a definition can encompass.

    Your view is apparently one where the minority on an Island ‘the size of a flea on an Elephants bum’ should be given a seperate state. After a 30 year civil war that caused immense suffering and deaths. A war lost by the “proxy representatives” of the said minority.

    But a minority that still has the gall to demand a seperate state, from a government subject to provocation and sabotage at every juncture by the remnants of the LTTE.

    Be wary that the government doesn’t tire of wasting benevolence on the ungrateful. And if the truth be told, there are Sinhalese villages in more dire straits than Tamil villages in the North and East. But with the pragmatism to realise the panacea is economic prosperity, not a seperate state.

    The Tamil people’s commitment to improving their circumstances is amply demonstrated by their election of an accused murderer of another Tamil politician to parliament.

    • Gabriella, that’s rather shocking you referred to a dictionary on a topic that has been discussed openly by Wigneswaran and others on what it means to have self determination for the minority Tamils of the North and East. Please refer to what has been thoroughly discussed politically in Sri Lanka entirely with respect to the rights of Tamils.
      Also, the dictionary definition of ‘self-determination’ clarified that you were indeed misleading and playing semantics when Wigneswaran’s seat in the parliament is nothing to do with having rights of self determination for the Minority Tamils. Don’t confuse winning an electoral district seat to the Tamil minority having the rights to Self determination.

      Ultimately the question is whether these people are owed the right to self-determination under a democratic framework, in accordance with international laws.

      Any other of your metaphors, comparisons of economic hardships, threats of harm and oppression are really not useful in answering that question. You seemed to think you can barter the rights and dignity of the Tamil minority with money and economic success.

      If you could even slightly but genuinely understand the depth of oppression and grave injustices that had been inflicted on the Tamil minorities over the past several decades by the state, you’d have an inkling of what actually needs to change in this country.
      In a civilized country, demanding the owed rights and justice should never be met with threats against the lives and livelihoods of those making those demands. Clearly, vastly, people in this country have no real intention of embracing civility and social progress.

  3. Wigneswaran must have quoted that “every act will have its opposite reaction” based on Newton’s third law of Motion but he forgets to tell us that it will act on different bodies.
    It will apply to him asp
    The quote kala kala deh pala pala de” already true for LTTE leader Prabha

    • Menike, firstly, any reasonable person would comprehend Wigneswaran’s statements that every wrong move meant to oppress the Tamil minority will have the opposite reaction. Oppression was never accepted by the Tamils. They continue to strive for equality.

      Whatever was the outcome for LTTE’s Prabakaran and his willing and unwilling soldiers (for a variety of reasons) was also the outcome for tens of thousands of SL armed forces. Let’s not forget there was immense loss across the board with the Tamil civilians suffering the worst in magnitude and numbers.

      But there’s no victory when majority of the citizens continue to fuel and condone the same injustices.

  4. Am I missing something ? Isn’t Wigneswaran’s presence in parliament a result of the Tamils right to self determination?

    • Gabriella, you’re simply playing games with words. Do you expect us to believe that you are that naive or you think that others are that naive to buy your semantics?
      If you’re that naive, then just google the topic of self determination.

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