Three State Ministers fail to appear for official photograph with GR

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Three State Ministers had failed to appear for the official photograph with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last week.

The new Government consisting of cabinet Ministers and State Ministers took oaths at a ceremony held in Kandy last week.

Following the ceremony an official photograph was taken with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

In all, 39 State Ministers took oaths  but only 36 appeared in the official photograph.

State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotions and Market Diversification Piyankara Jayaratne, State Minister of Gem and Jewelry related Industries Lohan Ratwatte and State Minister of Wildlife Conservation Protection Programmes including Electric Fence and Ditch Construction and Re-Forestation and Wildlife Resources Development Wimalaweera Dissanayake were those not appearing in the officials photograph.

When contacted by Colombo Gazette State Minister Wimalaweera Dissanayake said that he had to rush back to Colombo as a relative who accompanied him to Kandy fell ill.

The other two State Ministers could not be reached for a comment. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I would like to elaborate more on the subject of Ministry of communications. In effect there should be 3 entities for the successful expansion of the telecommunications industry ie policy makers , regulator and operators or service providers. Many stakeholders argue that the main threat for the political independence of the telecommunications regulator come from the line/subject ministry who used to act as the regulator. No matter how independent the regulator is it is still a government agency. The regulator has to act with close cooperation with the policy maker to implement the policies of the government effectively. To separate the policy making function and the regulating function, as indicated in the rule of law in other countries , there is a need to have written governing legislation. The policy maker which isoften the government has to indicate to the regulator the policy direction, and if this is
    done through written policy guidelines the process becomes transparent and legitimate toother stake-holders. The existence of written guidelines by the policy makers makes theindependence of the regulator more solid in the opinion of experts

  2. Policy makers, regulators and operators are playing an increasingly important role in encouraging good corporate governance and transparency by requiring industry companies listed on their exchanges to fulfill certain standards. This comment explores how Government can use their role as policy maker to promote disclosures of non-financial (including environmental, social and governance) information by listed companies. Its purpose is to prompt debate and action by market regulators and operators to create more openness, transparent and sustainable markets. It is unethical to hold high level positions of Policy maker by some appointed chairman and board of directors of Regulators.

  3. I got an another idea may be in pursuant to the international best practices the Government may re-consider the Minister of Information and Mass media to be appointed s as the Minister of digital Technology, Information, Mass Media and telecommunications. It is really good if broadcasting , ICT and Internet, Telecommunications comes under one one roof.

  4. Surely there must be a reason to boycott the group photograph. By the way some members of Parliament say that there is no subject minister appointed for digital technology and ICT and telecommunications. To go into the subject of communications in depth , other countries adopt much more significant ways of having a arms length dealings among Policy Maker (President as the Minister, Regulator (Telecom Regulatory commission under another Ministry of communications) and Telecom operators and service providers under another Ministry.

    • @Vernon Watson.

      You are being overly ambitious my Dear Sir. Most of the cabinet are only qualified to wear loin cloth and work in paddy fields.

  5. How can we trust these three to work in unison with GR. Such an important event. It was a very bad let down and a disgrace to GR. Should be kicked out after verifying the real reasons behind this insult.

  6. Great to see Lohan Ratwatte appointed as a State Minister. I am sure he will be an able representative of a dynasty of thieves and murderers.

    Seriously, what hope does this country have ?

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