Model claims she was verbally abused by Police

A local model claims she was detained by the Police this week and later verbally abused at the Police station.

Madhu Kulathunga posted a live video on Facebook saying she and her husband had been taken in for questioning this week without a valid reason.

She said that she was taken away by the Police without the presence of a Woman Police Constable, which she says was a violation of her rights.

“On the 12th the Police came to my house. Walked in without a warrant and searched my house. They then took me away with my husband. They verbally abused me at the Police station. I felt violated,” she said in the Facebook video.

Kulathunga said that the Police never told her what they were looking for and why they searched the house.

“The things they said to me was unacceptable. They did this even when my husband was with me. They even threatened to put him in for 14 days if he said anything,” she said.

The model said that she had also contacted 118 to file a complaint but was told not to waste their time.

Kulathunga said that while she never knew why she was detained she later got to know it was over an investigation into another person.

Kulathunga questioned the right of the Police to harass anyone based on investigations being conducted on others. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The police should be reprimanded for not locking this woman and throwing away the keys. Hmmmm, quite few girls are moonlighting as models nowadays, and incidentally there are more of these here than in Paris.

    • You are a funny man Sam.

      It did cross my mind when I looked at her photo that there must be a dearth of models in Sri Lanka for her to be one.

      • Comments of SAM and Gabriella indicate a far more important scarcity. Scarcity of intellect. Intellect to note the seriousness of the complaint made by this ‘model’. Instead they have attacked the integrity of the ‘model’ because her looks don’t match their standards of beauty and appearance for models. Ridiculing this human being’s appearance to her chosen profession is a far bigger priority for such folks. Perhaps calculated attack on the victim to divert from bad publicity for Gotabaya’s presidency.

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