Artificial chemical drug Mandy seized in Ambalangoda

The artificial chemical drug ‘Mandy’ was seized in Ambalangoda by the Mount Lavinia Police.

The Police said that the 12 kg drug was worth Rs. 200 million.

According to the Police, the drug is believed to have been smuggled into Sri Lanka via the sea route.

A suspect has been arrested over the possession of the drug. Further investigations are underway.

Mandy is a powder form of the drug ecstasy. It is a popular drug amongst ravers in the UK. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Where did the finance for such a large shipment come from ? Was it on consignment ( sell now – pay later ) ? Ha ha ha !!!! Obviously the big fish are still “swimming freely”.

    But congratulations to the Sri Lanka police for improving their discoveries from grams to kilos. LOL

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