More Ministry Secretaries appointed

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed three more Secretaries to Ministries today.

The new appointments come in addition to yesterday’s appointment of 25 Secretaries to Ministries, and a Cabinet Secretary.

As per the new appointments today, MMPK Mayadunne was appointed as the Secretary to the Ministry of Justice.

UDC Jayalal was appointed as the Secretary to the Ministry of Ports and Shipping.

Professor Kapila Gunawardena was appointed as the Secretary to the Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Religious & Cultural Affairs. (Colombo Gazette) 


  1. We as Sri Lankans waiting for A well connected, knowledge-based and high income society, through a culture of innovation and the adoption of digital technology to provide a high speed data communication infrastructure, develop a digital economy and strengthen innovation in industry by improving delivery of service as well as the dissemination of information through the optimal use of emerging technologies.

    Notwithstanding , we have not seen a name of a cabinet Minster with the portfolio of Ministry of digital technology and Telecommunications.

  2. Made to understand that the President has set a time limit of 6months and review the performance targets for each state or cabinet Minister after 6 moths.
    Mr. Duminda Dissanayake, Minister of State for Solar, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Project Development says that he will fulfill the responsibility vested with him to generate electricity by renewable energy sources instead of the use of fuel by 2030…..
    I have my real doubts whether Mr. Duminda Dissanayake has the ability to do such miracles

  3. Dear President Gota,

    The appointment of the same thieves and scum to ministerial positions by your brother ( Mahinda) at the expense of eminently qualified people makes it apparent that the status quo (unbridled corruption, inefficiency, excesses and disregard for law an order) in existence since independence is set to continue.

    The dawn of new hope and genuine optimism for a prosperous future for our nation with your ( Gota) election has all been shattered in a matter of days.

    Unless you the president act decisively to stamp your authority and ‘seal’ your vision with the appropriate appointments, the “white ants” appointed by the Prime Minister will render your vision a hollow facade.

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