State Minister of Women’s Affairs notes challenges before him

The State Minister of Women’s Affairs Piyal Nishantha de Silva says he is aware of challenges before him.

Speaking to reporters after assuming duties as the State Minister of Women and Child Development, Pre-school and Primary Education, School Infrastructure, and School Services, Piyal Nishantha de Silva said that he and his officials have a big responsibility before them.

“Certain incidents reported with regard to women show that I as the Minister and all other officials under my Ministry have a huge responsibility on our hands”, the State Minister added.

He said that there needs to be special attention on women and child affairs these days.

Piyal Nishantha said that there is a need to embark on a challenging program in the days ahead.

There had been concerns over the appointment of a male Minister to handle Women and Child affairs. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I suppose Harini Amarasuriya would have been over qualified for this position. Is there any hope for this country? We have eminently qualified people finally elected to parliament, but they are deliberately sidelined for people only qualified to wear loin cloth and work in paddy fields.

    Already our fears are beginning to be realised. The President is being relegated to the post of peon.

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