Sri Lanka looks to establishing direct air connectivity with Myanmar

Ambassador- designate of Sri Lanka to Myanmar Dr. Nalin de Silva held a meeting with the top management of the Myanmar Airways International with the view of establishing direct air connectivity between Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Chief Executive Officer Saravanan Ramasamy and Chief Commercial Officer Tanes Kumar represented the Myanmar Airways International in the discussion.

The Ambassador designate highlighted the significance of direct air connectivity in promoting tourism industries in both destinations. It was underlined that travelers between the two countries spending a considerable time at transits while the flight time is just less than 3 hours. The Ambassador designate assured that there would be a sizeable traffic up and down between these two significant destinations underpinned by historical, cultural and religious affinities.

The Ambassador designate further suggested exploring the feasibility of having a circuit connecting Colombo-Yangon-Bodhgaya or Colombo-Yangon-Kathmandu with the view of gaining economic benefit out of the religious significance of these countries. 

The CEO was positive towards the suggestion and agreed to conduct feasibility studies on the viability of the proposal as a part of their post COVID development plan.


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