Satellite image of ‘China’ in Sri Lanka ignites social media 

By Easwaran Rutnam

A satellite image showing a building located in Hambantota in the shape of the word ‘China’ created a buzz on social media yesterday (Monday).

Google Earth shows the building managed by China SLK Harbour Service at Mirijjawila-Sooriyawawa Road, Hambantota in the shape of the word China.

The image went viral on social media as from a distance, in the air, it looks like Hambantota was actually China.

Google Earth shows that the image was dated 4/2/2020 and the building is close to the Hambantota Port.

Among those who reacted to the image was the Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, David McKinnon.

“Maybe I should tell the architects designing the new @CanHCSriLanka to quit worrying about building something appropriate for #SriLanka and let their imagination run wild,” he tweeted.

Responding to the social media posts, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka tweeted saying the building was designed as “China Loves SLK” by the Chinese company CHEC when constructing the Hambantota Port.

The Embassy said that the building had to be extended since the business operations of the port was increasing fast. (Colombo Gazette/Daily Mirror)


  1. This is the quality of main stream media reporting.. to be honest.. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next article I read is about a potato that grew in Anuradhapura in the shape of cat.. people are so easily amused by trivial things and on the other hand people are so concerned about doing something grand like spelling out china in using buildings. Have you seen the designs of the cakes people made for hen nights? Can’t wait for one of those peeps to become an architect.. I’ve seen people tattoing JD bottles in their arms, and even more ridiculous things on their face. Seems like architects, media companies, and the general people have turned into like hoarding attention seekers..

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