Navy helps clean beaches

Taking an interest in beach cleaning efforts with a view to maintain an unspoiled coastal belt around the island, Sri Lanka Navy launched several beach clean-up drives in northern and southern parts of the island during the past week.

Accordingly, naval personnel attached to the Northern Naval Command rolled up their sleeves and launched a beach cleaning campaign covering the beach areas of Kankesanthurai harbour, Kovalam, Pallikuda, Wallan, Sillalai and Kadeikadu where they could collect a large amount of plastic and polythene that littered those sea sides.

In a similar vein, naval personnel of Southern Naval Command sprang into action to clean unattended piles of garbage collected at the beaches of Dewata in Galle, Goyambokka in Tangalle and Hambantota fisheries harbour, restoring their previous attractiveness.

All these programmes were conducted in accordance with health guidelines that are in place to mitigate COVID -19 pandemic. Further, the Navy spares much concern to indulge its passion for programmes of this nature that promote environmental conservation.


  1. Even we locals sometimes feel reluctant to visit beaches in some areas due to unsanitary conditions, intimidation, and uninviting appearance, let alone tourists. All huts and shanties should be demolished. Some areas down south are overgrown with weeds and in between faecal matter. Stray dogs and half clad men roaming around. If we want tourists to enjoy our beaches, the govt need to have a credible plan involving the local Councils. Half hearted initiatives will be a waste of resources.

  2. A great initiative. We have neglected our beaches for decades. This is one of the tourist attractions. All beachside shanties ( some very dodgy) should be removed. Local councils should be made responsible for cleaning and maintaining them, as the Navy cannot do this continuously. Penalties should be imposed on people who use the beaches as garbage dumps.
    Surely this must be a GR attempt.

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