Manhunt underway for Malaka Silva

By Indika Sri Aravinda and Vyshnavy Velrajh

A special Police team has been deployed to arrest Malaka Silva, son of former Minister Mervyn Silva over allegations he issued death threats to a businessman in Battaramulla.

A group of officials from the Thalangama Police yesterday (10) visited the residence of former Minister Mervyn Silva in Nugegoda to arrest Malaka Silva over the incident.

However, Mervyn Silva and his son Malaka Silva were reported to have not been at home at the time.

The Police officials had arrived to arrest Malaka Silva for threatening the businessman from Battaramulla demanding that he finance Mervyn Silva’s election campaign.

The Thalangama Police presented facts to the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court in this regard on 17 July.

The businessman, who is a resident of Battaramulla and is involved in the export of fish products, had filed a complaint with the Thalangama Police stating that Malaka Silva had initially requested Rs. 100, 000.

Malaka Silva is reported to have requested the businessman, who was his friend, to fund his father’s election campaign via a phone call on 09 June.

The businessman had informed Malaka Silva that his business was running at a loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will provide funding in due time.

Malaka Silva is then reported to have continued requesting funding from the businessman via SMS and WhatsApp, eventually, resorting to threatening him.

An angry Malaka Silva is then said to have issued a death threat over a phone call with the businessman on 15 June.

The businessman had thereafter filed a complaint with the Thalangama Police in this regard on 16 June.

The Thalangama Police had commenced an investigation into the complaint and has also deployed a separate team to arrest Malaka Silva. 

Police Spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne told the Colombo Gazette that Malaka Silva will be immediately arrested if reliable information is obtained on his whereabouts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Another circus from incompetent law enforcers. Will this low-life ( Malaka) ever be held accountable for his crimes? Sri Lanka needs an Attorney General who is less prone to theatrics and more focused on enforcement.

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