Gunman linked to Angoda Lokka shot dead by Police

A gunman linked to underworld criminal ‘Angoda Lokka’ was shot dead by the Police today.

The Police claimed the gunman, identified as Asitha Hemathilaka alias ‘Solta’ was shot dead when he attempted to throw a grenade at the Police in Mulleriyawa.

The Police said that Asitha Hemathilaka had been involved in several crimes and was also the main gunman employed by Angoda Lokka.

Angoda Lokka had died in India under mysterious circumstances and his death is being investigated by the Indian Police.

A postmortem report revealed that the finger and toe nails of the deceased gangster were bluish indicating poisoning.

It was also reported that a gang opposed to Lokka had sent a woman to finish him off. (Colombo Gazette)