JAT gives back to painters and manual labourers during times of hardship

JAT Holdings, the pioneer in the wood coatings industry with explicit brand recognition for bringing space into life, recently concluded an extremely successful initiative which greatly reduced the financial burden of painters who had to work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The success of this corporate social responsibility drive was a direct result of the organisation’s strife to stay close to and understand the difficulties faced by their customers during these trying times.

Together with their creative agency, JAT was able to establish a plan which detailed how the company could help painters and carpenters who work in the Finishing and Furnishing industries, since the pandemic caused their work to come to a halt. The organization was keen to provide painters with reputed JAT products to help resume the work that was paused.

By strategizing on the boom in digital media during the pandemic, JAT reached an audience of close to 2 million individuals, sharing 500,000 messages with carpenters which resulted in 650 entries for the giveaway. Following this, 26 entries were selected who received Rs. 15,000 worth of goods on a daily basis during the month of May 2020.

Voicing his thoughts on this initiative, Dilshan Rodrigo, General Manager – Head of Marketing for JAT Holdings stated, “At JAT, we’ve always maintained a sincere and close rapport with our customer base. We understand their needs and livelihoods well. This is why we decided on the tag, ‘Always there for the ones who need our help’ for this campaign. Soon after the lockdown measures were implemented, we became aware of the financial difficulties that our customers had to reckon with,” He further went on to note, “Their work came to a halt and most felt stranded and financially strapped. We did not hesitate to set up means to help them rebuild their livelihoods. After reaching out to our agency, Isobar Sri Lanka, they helped us design this effective campaign and we were deeply touched by the response we received from our customers.”

Additionally, JAT took a step further to help anyone with the technical know-how on how to finish the paused work. Many of the painters and their assistants were unable to travel from home to their work sites and back. JAT identified this and requested their technical team to offer guidance and knowledge on how to finish anyone’s work without the help of their painters or assistants.

As an organisation which always seeks to give back to the individuals, communities and all other stakeholders they operate with, JAT stressed that this initiative was carried out to support the Furnishing and Finishing industry by lending a helping hand to assist affected people in restarting their lives after a period of financial limbo.