Mahinda Rajapaksa takes oaths as new Prime Minister

Mahinda Rajapaksa was today sworn in as Sri Lanka’s new Prime Minister.

He took oaths at the Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara Temple in the presence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and several other invitees.

His appointment comes after the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) won the just concluded Parliamentary election.

Rajapaksa also secured the highest number of preferential votes at the election from the Kurunegala District.

The former President served as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka three times prior to being elected again at the just concluded General Elections. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The love and respect of a younger brother to the elder brother respecting our Sri Lankan culture and tradition, Buddhist heritage for the coming years, a “Government Foundation”
    that will ensure peace, unity, prosperity and economic development in Sri Lankan by the grace of Almighty God with respect and reverence to all communities for achieving their goals of social, political aspirations and inspiration to create a better Sri Lanka our “mathruboomiya” for our next generation.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart and Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

    • May the almighty God help us indeed. We are yet to get the Almighty’s attention.
      Let’s hope that the ugly past of these men doesn’t repeat itself. Let’s hope that these men take this as an opportunity to right their wrongs as much as possible. But many will argue it’s already deep into the old ways under Gotabaya’s presidency.
      We will soon find out whether the Almighty will give us a hand this time around or whether evil will once again win over.

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