UNP to restructure following humiliating defeat

The United National Party intends to re-organize and restructure after suffering a humiliating defeat in the General Elections 2020.

Issuing a press release, UNP Secretary-General Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said the party will be moving forward with determination and vigor, while it will also take necessary measures to face future challenges.

The UNP further conveyed its appreciation to the National Election Commission for conducting the 2020 Parliamentary elections successfully. 

“It is the 19th amendment brought by our Government that ensured this election was conducted in a free and peaceful manner. The UNP also wishes to thank all public officials, tri- forces, and the Police who got involved in conducting a free and fair election’, he said.

This election was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic which partly contributed to the destruction of our economy. The UNP is the only party which presented a strategy to control COVID-19 and to resuscitate and strengthen the home economy.

Kariyawasam further said the people have given a massive mandate to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna and the UNP has encountered the greatest set back in its history despite many achievements which brought long-lasting benefits to the country and the people.

The UNP is prepared to accept the responsibility for failures and shortcomings, both the result of its own actions and the actions of others.

“It is evident that in this election the political parties based on policies have been overtaken by political movements. This could lead to an unstable political situation in the years to come,” Kariyawasam pointed out.

Kariyawasam added that the UNP would like to appeal to its supporters and the general public to accept the outcome of the election peacefully. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @De Sarah

    Ha ha ha !!!

    Plenty of manure in party, if you want to use “soggy-land” for paddy field.

  2. UNP is the worse party and involved in the central bank theft. Didn’t develop the country but filled their pockets. They are the one brought down the economy of this country. This is the end of this party. Don’t think people will vote you next time also. Idiotic Ranil and his goons.

  3. Cannot restructure without a foundation. Cannot put a foundation because the soggy land. Best to bury altogether. RIP.

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