Operation launched to crackdown on drug smuggling in prison

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Prisons Department has launched a special operation named “watchful eye” following multiple attempts to smuggle narcotics and other items into prisons across the country.

Commissioner (Operations) of the Department of Prisons Chandana Ekanayake told the Colombo Gazette that the operation consists of round the clock monitoring of activities within the prison premises and its immediate outside surroundings.

Prison officials are stationed at various points of the prisons and on a shift basis for this purpose.

Ekanayake further said the operation was launched following an increase in drug smuggling attempts due to the suspension of visitation to prisons islandwide.

A new trend of throwing parcels containing narcotics and other items over the walls of prisons into its premises and the most recent innovative approach of sending in a feline with stashes of heroin and other items to the Welikada prison are some of the recent attempts to smuggle in narcotics to imprisoned inmates, he explained.

Commissioner (Operations) of the Department of Prisons Chandana Ekanayake added that due to such new methods being uncovered special operation “watchful eye” was launched in a bid to deter such attempts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This drug mafia has got out of control and is penetrating every fissure that is left opened, and there has been the stunning lapse of those responsible to detect and arrest the kingpins and their agents, who ate left free to roam. Most affected appear to be the Mt.Lavinia and Dehiwala zones, in the Colombo district, where their distributors and addicts roam about looting anything they get their hands on form the neighborhood. with residents been in a state of fright, fearing repercussions if found to be complaining to police. Are the lower level politicians running the police station and who are been protected.

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