Mangala says violent sounds of extremism make better news

The loud and violent sounds of extremism make better news than the democratic pronouncements of the silent majority, former Minister Mangala Samaraweera said today.

Samaraweera said in a statement that the silence of the majority in the face of extremism, intolerance, hatred and the pseudo patriotism of the vociferous few since independence has finally culminated in the massive crisis Sri Lanka faces today as a nation.

He said the root causes of the crisis Sri Lanka is facing are economic, religious or socio political in nature and an educational system which has totally failed to provide the knowledge, experiences, critical and analytical thinking as well as values needed to meet the challenges of a developing country like Sri Lanka.

Samaraweera said that Sri Lanka today is facing an unprecedented political, economic and social crisis; as a nation we are gazing into the abyss at the edge of a precipice.

“This is truly an existentialist moment for all Sri Lankans; each individual must make meaningful choices and the choices they make will define Sri Lanka’s future for generations to come. Are we to define a future for our country based on our fears and prejudices? Or are we to define a new future based on our hopes and aspirations for a better Sri Lanka for all? Are we going to allow a handful of religious and racial megalomaniacs and other fundamentalist zealots who monopolise the sensationalist media to define our future while we silently wonder if moderation and tolerance are becoming bygone values of a distant and more civilised era?” he asked.

He called on all right thinking people across Sri Lanka to break their silence and unite to protect democracy. (Colombo Gazette)