Ambewela reveals their new Brand Ambassador – Mrs. World 2020 Caroline Jurie

Ambewela recently appointed Caroline Jurie, the winner of the Mrs. World title in 2020, as their official brand ambassador.  As Sri Lanka’s most trusted brand for a range of high quality and nutritious dairy products, this partnership between Ambewela Milk and Caroline Jurie is a natural fit.

Ambewela, through its’ wide range of premium quality dairy products, namely fresh milk, non – fat milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt, butter, and cheese, has continued to give Sri Lankans access to nutritious and delicious dairy products for over 16 years. As a homegrown brand, with a commitment to the highest quality, Ambewela stands tall in the market and has become synonymous with excellence.

Caroline Jurie much, in the same way, embodies the essence of Sri Lankan excellence on the world stage. She is also a symbol of the empowered modern woman, as a mother, wife, and an entrepreneur.  Ambewela Milk is committed to empowering women just like her across the nation by supporting their hopes and the ambition of providing their families the very best nutrition. The latest Ambewela media campaign will feature Caroline in all her majesty, as ambassador, role model, and advocate for the Ambewela Brand.

Speaking of her appointment as the brand ambassador for Ambewela, Caroline Jurie shared her sentiments. ”Ambewela’s wholesome goodness and nutrition has been part of my life from the school days as my mother relied on Ambewela’s excellence for the wellbeing of my family. And I continue this tradition to date with my family and children. Given Ambewela’s proven commitment to excellence, I consider the opportunity to represent them as a great honour bestowed on me”

Caroline Lucy Anne Jurie is the winner of multiple beauty pageants and her crowning achievement to date is winning the Mrs. World title in 2020. She represented Sri Lanka at the Mrs. World 2020 pageant held on 7 December 2019 at the grand finale held in Las Vegas, Nevada – USA.

Commenting on the new brand ambassador, Manjula Dahanayake, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC commented. “This association between two Sri Lankan icons reinforces the connection between motherhood and milk. At Ambewela we have always focused on producing the highest quality dairy products. We achieve this through one of the best-run dairy operations in the world. This includes sustainable farming and the very best animal care practices. The Ambewela Farm is the epitome of a clean, green, lush pasture and enables a level of quality, freshness, and nutrition that sets our products apart from any other brand”

Since its inception in 2004 Ambewela has provided premium quality dairy products to the Sri Lankan consumer. The brand has also helped the local dairy sector develop and grow. This has empowered local communities and strengthened the country’s economy. The development of our very own dairy industry has also promoted self-sufficiency and reduced the country’s dependence on expensive imports. Ambewela continues to strive towards being among the best dairy suppliers in the world and incorporates the latest technology, best practices, and the highest standards of quality to accomplish this.