Karu Jayasuriya chairs his last Constitutional Council meeting

The Constitutional Council met today (03) and was chaired by its Chairman Karu Jayasuriya at the Speaker’s official residence.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, along with former members of Parliament Mahinda Samarasinghe and Bimal Ratnayake were present at the meeting held. In addition, civil society representatives Javed Yousuf and Naganathan Selvakumaran, Secretary-General of the Constitutional Council and Secretary-General to the Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake were also present.

The chairman informed that this would be the last Constitutional Council meeting that he would be chairing and thanked the Prime Minister and the members of the council for the support extended during his tenure. The Chairman appreciated with gratitude that it was possible for the Council to take decisions unanimously without any disagreement throughout the service he rendered as Chairman.

He also thanked the Secretary General and the staff of the Parliament for the assistance given to the council to conduct its meeting in an efficient and orderly manner. He thanked all the independent commissions for the cooperation they have extended to the Constitutional Council.

The Prime Minister thanked the chairman and the former Speaker for conducting all the meetings in a cordial atmosphere accommodating various views of all members of the council. Mahinda Samarasinghe, concurred with the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister.

Bimal Rathnayake while appreciating the role played by the chairman in his tenure, expressed the view that Karu Jayasuriya was an exceptional Speaker who stood by the Parliament at all times. He further informed that Jayasuriya has played a key role in developing the Parliament to suit the modern requirements.

Javid Yusuf also expressing his views stated that the chairman played a pivotal role in balancing the views of all members of the Constitutional Council, most of which represented various political parties who had different views in respect of matters considered by the Council. Naganthan Selvakumar also thanked the Chairman for the role played by him.

The Constitutional Council considered the nominations received for the vacancies that exist in the Public Service Commission, Human Rights Commission and the office of the Reparations and decided to further consider the nominations at the next meeting. The Chairman informed the members that due to the small window exist from this meeting to the next Parliament it is better for the new Chairman and the members to decide on the nominations.

The CC also considered the quarterly reports received by the Finance Commission, the Delimitation Commission, the Audit Service Commission and the National Procurement Commission. (Colombo Gazette)