SLPP ready to work with minorities but not extremists

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) says it is prepared to work with the minorities but not extremists.

SLPP National Organizer Basil Rajapaksa, addressing a special media conference in Colombo today, said that the Government and the SLPP are keen to work with all communities.

He noted that the SLPP is reaching out its hand to the minority groups and hopes those groups will work with the Government.

Rajapaksa said that the Government and the SLPP wants to work with communities of all religions and race.

He said their only objection is working with extremist groups and terrorist groups.

Rajapaksa also said that the public had accepted the policies of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and those policies will remain after the 5th August Parliamentary election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @Sugandh T

    I have spent considerable time in the Eastern province and know first hand the goodwill and cooperation that exists between former bitter enemies. And what can be achieved by people of goodwill. I am not a “fan” of the political scum that infest parliament. However, I do believe that the current President will achieve great things for the country, given the opportunity.

    Your reply warrants a ‘considered’ reply. But as this article will soon disappear into “cyber space” ( bin), I won’t waste my time. I shall however address your indignant demands for accountability with the question; who will account for these crimes? LTTE massacres 1980 onwards ( Wikipedia)

  2. GTF a pay attention. But this may not be an attractive invitation to those who rely on a ‘festering sore’ to maintain their positions of self indulgent importance.

    Regardless of the bitter acrimony that often manifests itself in societies, people should be cognisant of the fact that people of goodwill will always outnumber those that aren’t.

    This period is the greatest opportunity we have ever had in post independence Sri Lankan history. Recognise this fact; work for the good, look to the future; the bitterness of the past will get us nowhere.

    • My knowledge of GTF is rudimentary; regardless, it is completely appalling to call the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils as a “festering sore”. The voting Tamils will determine who they vote for based on their firsthand experiences as a Tamil minority in this country. Will they be fooled and played again by the Rajapaksas?

      Whether GTF has any influence on their choices, they shall decide whether to buy or reject. Surely, GTF is not oblivious to the firsthand experiences of the Tamils.

      Is it not enough for you that there are Tamil parties including the TNA who have pledged to work with the inevitable SLPP government? Isn’t that enough assurance of impunity for the criminals in this government who have primarily focused and succeeded on evading justice?

      Is this pro-Rajapaksa/SLLP campaigning of yours based on objective analysis of their past? Are you so enamoured with the Rajapaksas ability to get away with grave crimes that you could be so oblivious to the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils and the urgency for justice?

      Is it a festering sore for you that the impunity that you consistently peddle on behalf of these criminals is not so readily tangible on the international stage?
      Is it a festering sore that you suffer because some unrelentingly insist on accountability and justice on the international stage?
      Is it a festering sore of yours that the majoritarian state has so much ill-repute for its crimes against the minorities, and no one is letting anyone forget those crimes?

      Are all these representations of your goodwill that you seemed to believe that the majority of the citizens possess? If this is what you call goodwill, surely the majority of this country have it.

      Is it your privileged ignorance of the experiences of the Tamils of North and East and/or the complete inability to see the “other position”, and “the right thing to do” that you insist on impunity and cooperation for these criminals who did not deliver on past their promises, but instead have back tracked and juxtaposed?

      Can we ever build a long lasting bridge without truth and accountability? Do you think rewriting history will help us live harmoniously and happily ever after? Do you think economic gains will weaken the minority plight for equality and justice?

      Had the state over the course of its history taken full responsibility for state run terror and government sponsored majority extremism?

      Politicians will mince words to please the voter base. We don’t have to. When the voters stop mincing words and grow a backbone to own the truth, then such politicians will be voted out.

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