Face mask a must for voters at election

Wearing a face mask is a must for voters at the Parliamentary election on Wednesday, the National Election Commission said today.

National Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya said that voters will however be required to remove the mask and verify their identity to the first officer at the polling booth.

He said that hand sanitisers will be used at the entrance and exit of the polling booths.

Deshapriya also said that social distancing will be maintained in the polling booths.

Voters have already been informed that they will be allowed to use their own pens at the Parliamentary Election.

The Commission, however, said that only blue or black ballpoint pens will be permitted.

The Election Commission said that it is a mandatory requirement for the voters to prove their identity in order to cast their vote at the Parliamentary Election.

It is therefore, mandatory for the voter to produce either a National identity card, a valid passportvalid driving license, a Government pensioners’ identity card, an elders’ identity card, a clergy/priest identity card issued by the Department for Registration of Persons or a letter issued by the Department for Registration of Persons especially for the parliamentary election 2020 verifying the particulars of the National Identity Card in order to cast his/her vote.

The Election Commission also said that all Returning Officers have been instructed to pursue action to provide a temporary identity card issued by the Election Commission through Grama Niladhari/Estate Superintendent of the respective division to the electors who do not possess any of the above identification documents. (Colombo Gazette)


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