Cat nabbed near Welikada prison with heroin and other items

A cat has been nabbed near the Welikada prison with heroin and other items strapped around its neck.

Prison Department officers said that 1.7g of heroin was strapped around the neck of the cat found near the Welikada Magazine Prison in Colombo.

The prison officers also fond two mobile SIM cards and a memory chip hidden in a miniature pouch strapped around the neck of the cat.

Last month over 30 mobile phones and other items had been seized from parcels that were thrown into the Welikada Prison.

The Prison Department said that 38 mobile phones, 264 batteries, 20 sim cards, and 3.5 grams of heroin were retrieved from the parcels last month. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Prison Staff need weeding out. Cannot control all illegal things that have been detected so far, with the bent Staff. They are instrumental in devising these smuggling systems. Need to check their Bank accounts, property they own, luxurious lifestyles they lead etc to get a proper insight into their connection with the underworld. If a Prison Superintendent is up to no good, what can we say about the Staff under him.

  2. This is a courier method devised by the Prison Staff, so they are not directly involved. No stray cat would walk into a supposed to be well secured, guarded Prison with a parcel hanging on the neck without the guards not spotting. Suddenly Staff who were sleeping on duty detects this cat ! They are as corrupt as the Prisoners.

  3. This cannot be a new ploy. This is a well co-ordinated system with help from the Staff. Now they are playing innocent, because of many arrests and sackings.

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