Kavinda Jayawardana apologises to LGBT community

Former Parliamentarian and Samagi Jana Balawegaya candidate at the upcoming Parliamentary election, Dr. Kavinda Jayawardana apologised to the LGBT community after comments he had made in an interview drew strong reactions.

In an interview on social media, Jayawardana had said that he does not accept LGBT rights.

He went further by saying that LGBT was a mental disorder and was misleading the youth.

His comments drew strong reactions on social media, not just from the LGBT community but ordinary citizens as well.

In a twitter message today Jayawardana apologised saying he did not intend to offend or discriminate any individual.

“To all my friends in the LGBT community, I am extremely sorry for my very insensitive comment during an interview yesterday,” he tweeted.

He also said that he himself was a victim of being accused of being a homosexual through a fake video and that it had traumatised him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The apology doesn’t in anyway makeup for his bigoted, ignorant, downright stupid comments. I wonder how those parents (who bore children who identify themselves as LGBT) must have felt to hear that their children have a mental disease? I am sure there are many such parents in SriLanka prefer to think that it is a treatable condition. However, it is preposterous for a qualified medical doctor to think the same given the body of knowledge that exists.

  2. How can a doctor become a compassionate politician when he has not serving the poor, desperate sick people of the society of his own country during a pandemic ?. Furthermore, it is the people who provided the free education to become a doctor & was your fathers will you disclosed. You have disappointed your father the people of this country including the teachers and most of all, you have chosen a profession that leads the human beings away from the ‘Sathara Brahma Viharas’.
    Another mistake you made was to say (SLVlog with Darshana) that the “SJB will join the UNP anyway”?. Who are you to decide? I think, you guys are another ‘cat’s paw’ of a team working for ‘Gotha’ & the ‘Jarapaksa’ clan. Suwapath Weva!

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