China secures deal for Sri Lanka railway smart card system

By Indika Sri Aravinda

China has secured a deal for a smart card system to be installed at train stations in Sri Lanka, the Colombo Gazette learns.

In February, the Ministry of Transport Management announced that a smart card for quick train travel and an e-ticketing system for seat reservations in trains will be introduced in the near future.

Cabinet approval has been granted to provide the contract for the installation of ticketing machines for the project to a Chinese firm.

The issuing of train tickets is to be carried out under five mechanisms and the e-ticketing machines are to be installed in main towns identified under the project.

Passengers will be able to purchase tickets as a reload card, a card with a monthly usage package, via QR codes, and an unlimited number of tickets at the time of the journey from the relevant train station.

The Government has secured a loan from the Asian Development Bank for the installation of the e-ticketing machines at 353 train stations.

When inquired in this regard, the General Manager of Railways Dilantha Fernando said the Department of Railways intends to technologically improve the existing system, and the new e-ticketing machines are to be introduced as the first phase of the initiative.

The contract for the project was granted to Chinese firm after bidding via the national tender process, and the firm is tasked with installing all the machines by the end of 2023.

Dilantha Fernando added that the project will help minimize congestion reported within the train stations on a daily basis and will also provide much-needed convenience for train passengers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. While the world is moving away from smart cards we are implementing new systems with it? Why not go for phone apps? They are cheaper, can be more secure and are more convenient to users. And any of the decent local software companies can implement such a systems instead of having to send our money to other countries.

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