Karuna calls on Tamils to have more than two children

Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman has called on Tamils to have more than two children and multiply.

Speaking at an election rally in Kalmunai in Ampara, Karuna Amman urged young Tamil couples not to stop with just two children.

He urged the Tamils to have four children or more and strengthen the population in the country.

The former LTTE commander said that the coronavirus lockdown had given Tamil couples a good opportunity to multiply.

Karuna Amman said that he himself came from a large family before he joined the LTTE.

He also praised the role played by late LTTE peace negotiator Anton Balasingham.

Amman said that Balasingham played the role of a diplomat and travelled the world promoting the LTTE cause.

He said that no one in the Tamil National Alliance can be compared to Balasingham.

Karuna Amman is contesting the Parliamentary election from the boat symbol. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This fool (Karuna) adequately conveys the quality of Sri Lankan politicians. The educated Tamils of Sri Lanka are not only brilliant academics but world renowned for their mathematical prowess.

    And yet this community (Tamils) with serious political grievances to rectify, can only put forward this clown and others of his ilk as representatives

    Dr Cyril Ponnamperuma must be wishing his grave was twelve foot deep to hide from this embarrassment.

  2. I hope this man is ousted once and for all. This is the same who has accused TNA of inciting racism amongst the Tamil community.
    This man is incapable of differentiating quest for equal rights and justice from using human beings as fodder for political gain.

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