Use of locally produced rice or paddy to manufacture animal feed banned

The Government has banned the use of locally produced rice or paddy to manufacture animal feed.

Acting under the powers vested in it by Section 10(1)(b)(ii) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 09 of 2003, the Consumer Affairs Authority has directed that no manufacturer, trader or distributor shall sell, expose or offer for sale, store, transport, distribute or buy or purchase any locally produced rice or paddy directly for the manufacture of animal feed or otherwise as an ingredient for the manufacture of animal feed.

The ban has come into effect from 23rd July, 2020, the Consumer Affairs Authority said.

A gazette notice in this regard has been issued by the Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority, Maj. Gen. Shantha Dissanayake (Rtd.). (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The poultry industry relies on imported meat and bone meal for its feed stock. People may recall that it was the same product that caused mad cow disease in England, leading to many human deaths.

    Although this product has been banned as cattle feed, it is now widely used as poultry feed. Add growth hormones and the chemical cocktail that goes into the poultry production process, and the heath problems that are manifesting themselves in the female ( conveniently unrecognised ) population will continue unabated. Not forgetting the ‘unnatural development’ in men that can only be derived from steroids and hormones in the poultry.

    As one chicken producer jokingly said when this serious issue was raised, “ the chickens don’t live long enough to display any symptoms of mad chicken disease.”

    Depriving feed producers of natural organic products to produce animal feed will only compound the problem. Even though the purpose of the ban may have some merit.

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