‘MessageHub’ – The one-stop platform set to revolutionize marketing and public relations via seamless communication

Keeping in par with evolving marketing, public relations and digital trends, messaging apps have become essential to everyday living. As a popular, real-time and effective tool for communication in the modern age, the rapid progress in messaging trends has resulted in many preferring text messages instead of email or social media. Messaging is a set of communication tools that are used as text-based communication between two or more participants via the internet. This can happen in real-time or campaign based depending on the necessity and platform. As such, ‘MessageHub’ has emerged as a one-stop, all-inclusive web-based solution that offers timely solutions for providers and users who predominantly work on messaging service campaigns and transactions.

Conceptualized and launched by DigitalX, today MessageHub is a pioneer and has grown to become Sri Lanka’s #1 platform to revolutionize traditional communication and to facilitate seamless, end-to-end purpose-driven communication between businesses and target audience. Founded on the vision to be an all-embracing solution provider for marketing, communications and effective public relations, the talented DigitalX team has successfully tackled all challenges to create the innovative messaging platform – MessageHub (https://ng.messagehub.lk/), that allows an organization to support its agents by enabling them to communicate with their customers via different channels. Many companies and leading brands from the BFSI, FMCG, real estate and other related industries are some of MessageHub’s key users to utilize the platform exceptionally to leverage their business, boost brand image and drive sales.

From a process perspective and as the initial stage, the DigitalX team will come up with several features that allow B2B businesses to carry out their operations smoothly under the communication domain. Besides, it is also pivotal for marketers to respond to this paradigm shift, as the new and emerging trend holds numerous advantages for companies than those which opt for social media channels. MessageHub incorporates new and integrated channels for messaging via SMS, Viber and WhatsApp, can run different types of promotional, transactional and API campaigns, allows to create different message templates with simple setup, permits to blacklist and white list contacts and assign contacts to different target groups, enables to send messages to target group directly without the use of filtered content or any algorithms, provides a comprehensive dashboard to view campaign progress and make timely decisions, get a customized report on the campaign and activity log, understand user behaviour and draw meaningful insights and so much more.

MessagHub is considered to be a highly secured and user-friendly communication tool and is inspired to deliver cutting edge and digital age inspired smart solutions to all its users. Keeping up with the progress of the marketing industry and the need for a reliable and intelligent messaging platform for support, the DigitalX team is continually exploring new features to leverage the platform and enhance its service offering. New configurable inbox for receiving replies from customers, new enhancements to dashboard and reporting, and customer target group enhancement and grouping mechanism are some of the new additions yet to be implemented on MessageHub.

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