Digital X commits to empowering the nation with ‘Ad Tech’ inspired solutions for the digital age

Putting an end to the one-size-fits-all approach within the advertising industry, the futuristic Digital X harnesses the advance and sophisticated technologies to learn and unlearn organic human behaviour that drives real decision making. Founded on the vision to provide a one-stop digitally-driven platform to solve novel problems in advertising via creative communications supported by data-driven models, Digital X is truly one of its kind and an industry front runner that connects human, machine and intelligence to define evolving business horizons.   

With Covid-19 having disrupted businesses and industries of all sizes in Sri Lanka and across the globe causing ongoing uncertainty, Digital X’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ‘ad-tech’ products with smart data management platform and AI integrated ecosystem help advertisers and partners to focus their marketing efforts on the best-performing digital channels and outdo the expected results. Established on the core values to drive digital transformation and inspire innovative and ground-breaking business models that complement shifting business paradigms, Digital X is an ideal ‘add-on’ for traditional and non-traditional ad agencies. Whilst offering ad-tech based platforms and intelligence-driven services in data engineering, programmatic advertising and creative optimization technologies, Digital X is also a trailblazer to function and excel at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology whilst leveraging advertising agencies to craft exceptional and immersive experiences for consumers and to build lasting brand credibility.

Inspired to deliver cutting edge and digital age inspired smart solutions, Digital X is home to a programmatic advertising ecosystem that connects digital media buyers and sellers, ad networks, Customer Data Platform (CDP) and agencies to a single integrated platform. The one-stop advertising hub provides actionable insights, applicable strategies and delivers holistic digital marketing success for clients across all industries. The comprehensive process of advanced analytics, data modeling, data analysis and data visualization empowers users to make relevant, reliable, meaningful and smart decisions that will support brand boosting and result in increased conversions. AdStudio.Cloud, AdStudio CDP, AdStudio TV, AdStudio PR, Social Listening, Star Cast and Data Science service are some of the key players of the Digital X product portfolio.

With a passion to solve complex issues with novel and intelligent solutions that are accessible and user-friendly, Digital X, a programmatic and data marketing company in Sri Lanka merges the best of innovation, technology and strategy. It is the first company to introduce digital marketing via real-time bidding, data and technology and launch a novel full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem in the country. Serving and empowering individuals, businesses and institutions, Digital X offers its out-of-the-box solutions via its promising team of professionals who are committed to bring a lasting change. Putting innovation, intelligence and excitement back into the advertising industry, Digital X is fast-becoming an industry leader that people turn to and trust!