Health officials instruct Parliament officials on measures to be taken

A group of health officials representing the Ministry of Health accompanied by the Deputy Director General Dr. Laxman Gamlath visited the Parliament premises to instruct on the measures to be taken complying with health guidelines prior to Parliament sittings post general elections.

The importance of protecting parliamentarians of the new parliament, the Parliament staff, security forces as well as the visitors of parliament from the COVID -19 challenge after the general election, was emphasized.

Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dassanayake, Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Staff Neil Iddawala and high officials of Parliament were present as the inspection was being conducted.

The officials first visited the chamber of Parliament, library, members lobby and canteen, staff canteen and many other places within the premises including the public, media and VIP galleries. The health officials pointed out the importance of restricting visitors to Parliament until the COVID 19 situation subsides in the future.

Later they had a discussion with the senior management of the Parliament on the health precautions currently in place and the practical issues faced by the Parliament.

Based on the discussion and the observations made, the officials of the Ministry of Health will present to the Secretary General of Parliament a series of guidelines for conducting sessions within the next few days in accordance with health care guidelines and practices.

Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dasanayake stressed that all necessary steps will be taken to conduct future Parliamentary sessions in a hygienic manner based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. (Colombo Gazette)