Encouraging youth into agriculture using world-class technologies

Srilanka is a tropical country that is blessed with good soil and preferable weather which is the main driving element in agriculture. Therefore with no wonder, we can produce more from cultivation to make a solid economy. At present, youth represent 23% of the total population in Srilanka. This is a significantly large resource for economic development in a developing country like ours. Unfortunately, the youth is stepping down from agriculture due to the false image that society is having about it. To fill the gap modern means of agriculture should be introduced.

As per the valuable idea of the chairman of NYSC, Mr. Theshara Jayasinghe, National Youth Services Council is setting up the platform to encourage the youth into agriculture using world-class technologies. The first step of this was initiated by introducing the drone technology, the newest trend of agriculture, in collaboration with SRQ Robotics, which is a robotics-based startup from the University of Moratuwa.

The launching event was concluded successfully on 15th July , by seeding 2 acres and monitoring the plant health of paddy fields, in the Eraminiyaya model farm in Hambantota, which belongs to the National Youth Services Council.

Introducing drone technology in agriculture could reduce the time and the effort taken for seed and fertilizer spreading. Precision agriculture with drones can be used to monitor the growth of the plant to identify the areas where the plants are lacking essential elements or fertilizers. This cannot be identified by a typical inspection. This precise analysis helps to reduce fertilizer usage by 35% while increasing the yield than the traditional method.

Taking the giant step forward, SRQ robotics is planning to expand the project island-wide sharing this knowledge to the youth who are willing to join hands in cultivating the country, under the guidance of Theshara Jayasinghe.

“It is a great privilege to collaborate with the National Youth Services Council to cultivate our motherland using the technologies we have. Currently, SRQ Robotics holds the largest and most advanced drone platform in the country which is capable of improving the productivity in agriculture, search and rescue operations, aerial monitoring, and surveying applications. we proudly say that the drones we use here are built locally by young Sri Lankan Engineers. Apart from the agriculture, we are planning to extend our services to facilitate military and security applications also in the next few months” said Mr. Tharindu Suraj, the CEO of the SRQ Robotics.