New unit under CID to probe illegally acquired assets

A new unit is to be established under the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to investigate illegally acquired assets.

Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Deshabandu Tennakoon said the new unit will be established over the next few days.

He said that the new unit will be an ‘Illegal Assets Investigations Division’ and will investigate illegally acquired assets including those acquired by heroin and drug dealers.

Tennakoon said the new unit will look at assets acquired using money from the sale of heroin and illegal drugs.

He said that following comprehensive investigations such asserts will be seized.

Deshabandu Tennakoon said that all those linked to the drugs trade have been identified and legal action will be taken against them. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @Journalist

    The fraud you describe has been in existence from my personal knowledge for over twenty years. A variant of that is Tax Inspectors working with detected tax evaders to significantly lower their fines. Obviously for a fee.

    I personally witnessed ( with my own eyes) bribes paid for false passports ( different identity) during the war. A period when it would have been reasonable to expect airtight security.

    This country is corrupt to the core. We will never eliminate corruption at the ministerial level, but at least, let’s start with the ‘small fry’.

  2. Re the info disclosed by the ‘Journalist’ is shocking and criminal. Do investigate the hidden property and wealth of the Tax Inspectors. What a scam !

  3. Ah yes, I was told by an insider that Income Tax inspectors work in the evenings for the Business owners to prepare their tax returns, depriving large amounts of Tax due to the State. Then they collect a part of that hidden tax as their commission. This appears to be a large systematic fraud, which is not known.

  4. Many other areas in the Public Service to vet – RMV, Customs,
    Municipality, Passport Office, Income Tax Department among others please.

  5. You are going to be the next joker of the decade. Do it before you start bragging. Let me give you a place to start…..’Dubai Marriot’.
    Hope whole of the ‘Rajapaksa family’, their kith & kin, casino club owners…….. & rest of the politicians and forces personnel are included. Start from the top-man.

    • Interestingly, the Financial crimes investigation Dept (FCID) created by the Yahapalana government was dismantled by the Gotabaya presidency. Suppose it would have looked very obvious to fire the entire department in order to appoint their allies; so, instead, got rid of FCID to later create a team of their own with a newly created dept.
      We should expect some Political witch-hunt very soon.

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