Probe on demolition of historic Kurunegala building

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed a committee to investigate the demolition of a building with archaeological value in Kurunegala. 

The King’s Court of King Bhuvanaikabahu II in Kurunegala was allegedly demolished today by the Mayor of Kurunegala and officials from the Urban Development Authority.

A 5 member expert committee has been appointed on the advice of the Secretary to the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Cultural Affairs to investigate the incident.

The Committee is to be headed by Director-General of Archaeology Professor Senarath Dissanayake.

Secretary to the Kurunegala District R. M. R. Ratnayake, Archaeologist T. G. Kulatunga, Archaeologist and Additional Director of the Ministry of Buddhasasana and Cultural Affairs Prasad Ranasinghe and Director of the Central Cultural Fund Sumedha Mathota are the remaining members of the committee.

The 13th Century King’s Court (dating back to the Kurunegala / Yapahuwa Kingdom Era) had fallen under the supervision of the Department of Archaeology. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What is the Committee going to do ? Reconstruct the building ?
    This is a crime to destroy such an historic Building. Don’t try to get public sympathy, because someone in the govt. is behind this.

  2. The ministers knew this as there was a public upheaval, and now trying to cover up by appointing a Committee. Someone politico got personal interest in the demolition. Do not whitewash. We are not fools.

    • Dear Lakmal, I beg to differ, we are fools and always will be. You cant unscramble scrambled eggs. Corruption is a part of our culture now and sooner or later you will have to learn to accept that fact. We had delusions of grandeur when the incumbent president took office hoping for miracles but its not possible not only with the politicians but as a country we are corrupt.

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