PHIs withdraw from COVID-19 related activities

By Vyshnavy Velrajh

The Public Health Inspectors Union (PHIU) of Sri Lanka has decided to refrain from COVID-19 related duties with immediate effect.

Secretary to the Union M. Balasooriya told the Colombo Gazette that members refrained from COVID-19 related duties from 12 noon today.

The decision has been taken to protest the recent statement made by Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi concerning PHI officers.

Minister Wanniarachchi had recently told media that PHI officers engaged in COVID-19 duties were causing inconvenience by revealing details of the latest detections of coronavirus patients to the media.

Balasooriya said that as their activities are a hindrance to the Health Ministry and due to PHI officers being accused of engaging in their official duties, they have decided to refrain from their duties. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. A pavithra talks big and acts foolishly. PHI did a wonderful job when needed as they have the knowledge and experience on Public Health. With a military man behind the seen, A pavithra has taken an upper hand in the operations , not really giving the facts to the public. Hence the action of the PHIs must be appreciated. They need authority not the Health Minister

  2. Is there anyway we can ask wanniachi to step down as the spokespetson for the government ? 100 in decrmber to 2600+ in July and there are other “leaks” more honourable than the “allowed” sources. There is stupidity, viciousness, crass indifference to the poor, why not advise the public that they need not fear if revealed but cured . they’re expecting to be sent home in coffins. By being kept ignorant, they fear more. But on these PHI protests? Jilly good. May it be paid leave. 65+ didnt get the 5000 nor are they on the electoral registers.

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