Police fire tear gas after tense situation in Angulana

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters after a tense situation arose in front of the Angulana Police Station today.

The protesters had attempted to pelt stones at the Police Station prompting the officers to retaliate by firing tear gas.

A protest was staged in front of the Angulana Police Station over the shooting of a fisherman from the area on Friday (10).

The fisherman was shot dead by the Police at a road-block in Lunawa in Moratuwa when vehicles were being checked on Friday night (10).

According to the Police media unit, two three-wheelers were stopped at the road-block and were being inspected by the Police officers on duty.

The Police claimed that some men in the three-wheelers attacked the policemen on duty and attempted to obstruct them from carrying out their duties, following which the officers had opened fire killing one person.

Three Police officers who were said to be on duty at the time of the shooting have been interdicted on the instructions of Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) C. D. Wickremeratne. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Absolutely no excuse for this killing by the police at the road block. Life has always been treated so cheaply in this country.
    It’s tremendous that the community is protesting; it’s unfortunate if the protesters opted to pelt stones at the police instead of nonviolence.

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