Velona Protect Viroblock masks, For Maximum Safety and Comfort

Scientifically proven to be effective against COVID 19

Velona, a leading brand in the hygiene and clothing segment in Sri Lanka, recently introduced Velona Protect Viroblock mask, which is a reusable mask scientifically proven to be effective against COVID 19. Viroblock mask comes with an innovative design, ensuring fresh airflow through two layers of kill-trap-kill technology and offers maximum protection and comfort to the wearer as well as safety for others in close contact. Viroblock mask is manufactured with HeiQ Viroblock technology, which is the first in the world to be scientifically proven to reduce 99.99% of human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID 19, along with other enveloped viruses and bacteria.

According to the tests conducted by Bureau Veritas, the Velona Viroblock mask ensures a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 98.3%, while other tests show that Viroblock technology reduces droplet penetration to <1 as compared to a N95 mask which still passes >23. While the breathability requirement for masks is Pa/cm2 = <40, the Velona Viroblock mask surpasses this requirement by two times with a breathability of <20 Pa/cm2. In addition, this mask does not contain any harmful chemical such as formaldehyde or any other heavy metal such as lead, cadmium etc., that adversely affect human health.

The Viroblock mask annihilates viruses in three steps namely Capture, Destroy and Repeat. As the first step, the silver technology in the Viroblock treatment attracts the oppositely charged viruses and binds them permanently to their inherent Sulphur groups. Secondly, the vesicle technology then helps to deplete the viral membrane of its cholesterol content in minutes, thereby allowing the silver to destroy the virus rapidly. Thirdly, once microbes such as viruses & bacteria have been destroyed, they have no charge left and the harmless remnants either fall off or can be washed off. The space they previously occupied is freed up, allowing this process to repeat as new microbes attach onto the fabric surface.

 “We are extremely proud to present the Viroblock mask, which is manufactured with the best possible technology focusing on maximum protection and comfort. This mask is tested over and over again for safety, sustainability and environment and is manufactured with a number of regulatory compliances. It can be worn for a long duration and it does not cause any harm to the skin or body.” shared Dr. Gehan De Soysa, Chairman – Threadworks (Pvt.) Ltd.

Basic textile masks are poor in terms of air filtration and on the other hand, high filtration masks like N95 can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. It requires users to constantly touch the mask and face, adjust it or even remove the mask several times, thereby, making it counterproductive. Velona Protect Viroblock mask is the ideal alternative, which provides high breathability and high filtration, but most importantly traps and kills viruses and bacteria, which are active on the fabric surface, thereby eliminating retransmission.

Velona Protect mask contains two trap & kill layers treated with Swiss Viroblock Anti-Micorobial technology and comes with a soft elasticated ear loop. The users are advised to gently hand wash the mask in cold water without using powerful detergents. The Viroblock technology remains fully effective up to 15 washes, which enables users to re-use them for several days which is economically beneficial as well.

The regulatory compliances associated with Viroblock masks are EU BPR and EU REACH, and the main active ingredient is registered with US TSCA and US EPA. Viroblock is also OEKOTEX® certified, ZDHC and bluesign® homologized & INCI cosmetic grade certified.

Velona Viroblock mask is fully manufactured in Sri Lanka and is proven conducive for usage by number of tests and is certified as cosmetic grade and sustainable as all its ingredients are cosmetic grade, bio-based and recycled.