Northshore steps in to provide course waivers for COVID-19 frontline heroes

Giving back to all armed forces, police and government healthcare professionals who tirelessly serve as our frontliners in the fight against COVID-19, Northshore International Campus, Sri Lanka’s state-of-the-art modern university, recently stepped in to provide fee waivers on its courses.

Northshore offers internationally recognized British degree programmes in Engineering, Business Management, Health Sciences and Computing/IT from highly ranked universities. It was one of the first to transform and embrace online delivery of lectures from the very first week of the country-wide lockdown, having successfully conducted a full semester load entirely online.

Under this special scheme, the children and members of the army, navy, air-force, police and state healthcare sector are eligible for a reduction of 25pct off the course fees when enrolling for the foundation programme in Computer Sciences, Business Management, Engineering and Health Sciences.

‘We make it our responsibility to give back to all our heroes, by providing them affordability and access to quality higher education. It’s a privilege to be their knowledge partner, helping them to maximize their potential and fulfill their aspirations to be future leaders in their respective fields of interest,’ said Prof Nalaka Jayakody, Vice Chancellor and CEO of Northshore International Campus.

Whilst adhering to strict health and safety standards, Northshore in future will offer its entire range of degree programs in ‘blended delivery’ mode with a mix of online and on-campus delivery of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work, taking forward the positives achieved over the last few months.

Northshore is well equipped with a fully customized and state of the art Learning Management System (LMS) and well-trained, highly qualified staff with excellent achievements in their respective fields. It has successfully and readily embraced the ‘Teaching at a Distance’ mode with frequent feedbacks through multiple channels of communications, including synchronized live video chat groups.

‘Northshore has also embraced a paperless culture in all of its campus operations, implementing paperless measures from admissions through to assessments. With a highly ambitious plan to digitalize its entire operation within a short period of time, Northshore is gearing to provide a novel and futuristic experience to its students,’ Prof Jayakody further said.