SLPP candidate says donkeys among party contestants

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) candidate Oshadi Hewamaddumahas said candidates unfit for Parliament have been granted nominations by the SLPP for the upcoming General Election.

“If we fail to wisely choose the members of Parliament for the next five years, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will face a similar issue like that faced by his predecessor Maithripala Sirisena. Former President Maithripala Sirisena and then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had many conflicts of interest and were unable to settle on one decision’, she pointed out.

Commenting on a facebook post on the candidates contesting from the Sri Lanka Podujana, Hewamadduma said the party has nominated both donkeys and horses, adding that the public should be mindful of voting the horses to Parliament and sending the donkeys home.

Hewamadduma said the President needs a strong Parliament to govern the country over the next five years and urged the public to make sure to mark all three preferential votes and to vote for the SLPP during the election. 

She further called on the public to help obtain a 2/3rds majority in Parliament to support the President in carrying out the executive presidency in a proper manner. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. @anonymous and @ sugandh T

    I am under no illusions about the Rajapaksa brothers ( I will spare the Editor some grey hairs by ceasing my comment right there.)Furthermore, I would not insult goat’s by labelling Namal Rajapaksa as one.

    However in the context of Asian politics, the “wheel” (and deal) has already been invented. As any keen observer of Asian politics would realise; a government needs three terms in office; before attention is focused on ‘nation building’.

    The first term of office is for personal enrichment. The second term is again for personal and family enrichment. The ‘leftovers’ then trickle down to (for) the people in the third term.

    So let us think along those lines. The Rajapaksa’s have “secured” their own, and their families fortunes for many, many, generations. What we have now is an opportunity. For the first time in Sri Lanka’s history, we have “people“ who are demonstrating a genuine interest in ‘harnessing’ Sri Lanka’s potential ( not for a second implying that their pockets won’t also be filled).

    Regardless of a persons political affiliations; no fair minded person could fault the motivations and actions of President Gota. His leadership during this current pandemic has been exemplary. His compassion for the common working man; outstanding. His attempts at reforming “systemic” problems, and appointing the right people for the “job” just brilliant et al.

    Forgetting the past and looking to the future, we now have the right man for the job. Unfortunately this pandemic has wasted many months and “shackled” his presidency. Let’s stop the criticism and give the President our united support. He has so far proved to be worthy of it and our best hope. And, if the truth be told; probably our last hope.

    I remain President Gota’s most ardent supporter. The rest of the “GOATS” can go to hell.


    • Dear Gabriella,
      Sorry to see you go. But you have seen just one side of the coin which your ardent friend, Goata’s holding. He is no leader, remember, he left the country amidst a brutal war and returned to rob the poor tax payers.
      Does ‘Belissima’ sound a bell? Hope you are not connected to that name or are you?. The two names rhyme and Gota was the brains behind all that. What about the latest chopper deal planned? Where are the two ‘Katir bombers’?, crashed and the pilots survived?. Where are they now if they did survive?.
      My dear child, no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to ward off ‘Ditta Damma Vedaneeya Karma’. No peace of mind to govern even with a 58% vote base.
      Suwapath Weva !

  2. CORRECTION: Sorry,
    Please read as
    [So, which one are you calling the ‘Donkey’, ‘Tzunami Hora-Appachchi or Aappa Sira’ ?]

    • Thanks Gabriella,
      You just labelled his brothers, Pm MR, BR, CR & nephew NR goats. In that case, GR the president cannot be any other.

    • @ Gabriella
      In another words, toss democracy in the rubbish can. Gota has already set an example of it.
      At the least, Hewamadduma makes an appeal to vote the right people into parliament while rather forthrightly stating that some SLPP candidates are unsuitable. That has to be applauded.
      On the other hand, it is naive for Hewamadduma to think that a 2/3rds majority is still a possibility.
      We can bet that too many donkeys and hyenas running for a seat in the parliament. Too many donkeys and hyenas in the country to vote them in. The country just recently voted in a hyena into presidency. The worst is yet to come.

  3. [“If we fail to wisely choose the members of Parliament for the next five years, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will face a similar issue like that faced by his predecessor Maithripala Sirisena.”]
    So, which one are you calling the ‘Donkey’, ‘Sooththara Puncha or Aappa Sira’ ?

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