Vehicles owned by two officers linked to drug dealers seized

Several vehicles owned by two officers of the Police Narcotics Bureau who have been linked to drug trafficking, have been seized by the Police.

The Police said that four lorries, two vans and a car were seized during a raid today.

The raid was carried out in Pallewela in Gampaha today based on information received by the Police.

The Police said that three lorries, two vans and a car belonged to one PNB officer who is now in custody while the fourth lorry belonged to another PNB officer who is also in custody.

All the vehicles had been given out on rent at the time they were seized.


  1. Does anyone still think that DS Kamal Gunaratne wasn’t one of the best appointments made by President Gota ?

    Judging by the amount of gold that adorns the neck and arms of many policemen, and their “well-fed” appearances; the Defence Secretary has a lot more work to do.

    Perhaps the DS can also ‘nail’ all the traffic cops who subsidise their wages with ‘levies’ from motorists for perceived offences that are dubious to say the least.

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