Sri Lanka calls on UN to always remain impartial

Sri Lanka has called on the United Nations, as the largest global body that is committed to ensure the rights of every human being, to always remain impartial whilst fully respecting the principle of sovereign equality in its interactions with member states.

In a written Statement to the United Nations Security Council Open Debate on ” Peace Operations and Human Rights”, Sri Lanka noted that credibility of institutions that promote the adherence to and protection of human rights can be significantly undermined when they are unduly politicized.

“There have been instances where unproven allegations of human rights violations were used as instruments to unduly pressurize and manipulate contributions to peacekeeping by governments for undue political gains,” the Sri Lankan delegation said.

In the written statement Sri Lanka noted that in an era where humanity is threatened with inter-state conflicts, intra-state frictions, asymmetrical threats posed by non-state actors, natural disasters, health related issues and a variety of other challenges, Sri Lanka appreciates Germany’s efforts to initiate discussion on the timely subject of  “Peace Operations and Human Rights”.

“My delegation wishes Germany every success as President of the Security Council for the month of July and is confident that it will be a productive tenure,” Sri Lanka said.

Sri Lanka also took the opportunity to honor the thousands of men and women who for decades helped countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace by providing security and peacebuilding support under the Blue Helmet.

The delegation said that Sri Lanka is proud to have a long association with United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, having served as a member of the 1956 Advisory Committee that led to the establishment of the first “classical” peacekeeping mission – UNEF 1, deployed  during the Suez crisis and later deployed UN Peacekeepers to the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) in 1960.

“Human Rights remain an important element for UNPO. Several PKOs such as MONUSCO, MINUSCA, MINUSMA, UNAMID, UNMISS have integrated human rights components, as well as Special Political Missions such as UNAMI, UNSMIL, UNSOM, UNAMA and BINUH, to identify a few. This is crucial across a wide spectrum of missions and strengthens the Missions’ credibility,” Sri Lanka said.

Sri Lanka says it remains fully committed to UN Peacekeeping and upholding human rights, and in this context has taken a number of measures to ensure that all Sri Lankan Peacekeepers are suitably trained and fully equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical application of all necessary functions of peacekeeping, including the promotion and protection of  human rights. 

“Towards this end, a comprehensive package of education and training on relevant subjects are included in the pre-deployment training courses and continuity is maintained during the deployment by way of in-mission training, conducted in consultation with UN authorities. In addition, human rights has been included as part of the training of security forces and police in Sri Lanka. At the premier degree awarding tertiary institution established for military personnel, the Kotalawala Defence University, where many military cadets pursue degree programmes, human rights is taught as an important component of the academic programme. The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the ICRC also conduct a number of training programmes for the Military and the Police on human rights and international humanitarian law,” Sri Lanka said in the written statement.

Sri Lanka also observed that Peace Operations are becoming progressively complex in nature, with diverse socio-political challenges with increased impact on civilians as a result of direct and indirect actions of parties to conflicts. Sri Lanka has endorsed the Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Truth brings reality. Reality brings Justice. Justice brings Peace, stability and prosperity to the people, society and then the country at large. Therefore, it is the choice of a citizen to seek, find the Truth and ultimately bring peace and prosperity to ALL in any country.

    The Tamils in SL, remember the bombing of St. Peters Church at Navaly in 1995, killing Tamil civilians, who sought shelter from the cruel war that was taking place.
    Investigation was deliberately muzzled by Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) for the past 25 years, to suppress the Truth that Mercenary soldiers hired from “Keeni Meeni” (KM) of Britain, bombed the Church, temples and Jaffna Hospital.

    A Tamil Christian, desirous of pulling out the Truth, did intensive investigation and reveals the following evidence, on this 25th remembrance day of the bombing;

    1. The pilot who carried out the bombing was a white Apartheid pilot from South Africa.
    2. One KM pilot, injured, probably by a sniper fire from LTTE, was admitted to give medical attention in a High grade Hospital, run by De Beers Diamond mine in Jwaneng, Botswana; a country, friendly with Apartheid South Africa.
    3. Dixit who served then in Indian High Commission in SL, in an interview published recently by a widely circulated Indian Newspaper, said “ GSL used KM and that Indian Government was concerned of the ill effect within India and the dire consequences if the LTTE shot down a bomber plane and caught the KM pilot alive !!
    4. Ranil Wickremasinghe and the entire cabinet knew the Truth and kept as a secret. But the God of Heaven and earth, a living God, had different way to reveal the Truth (2Chronicles Chapter 20 verse 15).
    5. At the same time the KM pilot was admitted to the Diamond Mine Hospital in Jwaneng, a wealthy Tamil lady also was admitted for her child birth.
    6. The young KM mercenary, boasted of the bombings and killings he did in Jaffna. He boasted for about a week to her and asked her to keep it secret.

    Ranil Wickremasinghe (RW), having tasted Tamil mercenary bombings and killings, persuaded and recruited “Karuna” the deputy leader, attending Peace Talks on behalf of LTTE in Bangkok; organised by “Core Group of 5 countries on SL, to find Peace”. Mahinda Rajapakse, a political friend of RW, used “Karuna” as a Mercenary to locate LTTE leader Velupillai Pirabaharan to be killed by GSL soldiers. I often remember during such analyses the stabbing to death of Julius Caesar by Brutus.

    The Forbes Magazine published the names of 10 richest politicians in SL for the year 2018. The richest was Mahinda Rajapakse with U$ 18,000 Million and the 5th richest was “Karuna” with U$ 1.7 Million. Surely, they did not inherit from parents. They received corrupt or “blood money”. They must tell the Truth to voter citizens.

    Udaya Gammanpola, a minister in present SLPP government, in an election meeting stupidly said on 8-7-20 “If police power is given to the North and East, the Police and Army will fight each other”. I would suggest him to read 2 Chr chapter 20 to find out why such disaster could happen to the Sinhalese. Sinhalese politicians need to come back to their senses and talk like adults or be rejected by masses and tried for Citizen voter abuse.

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