Yellow to be made mandatory colour for school vans

By Indika Sri Aravinda

A gazette notice will be issued making it mandatory for school vans to be painted in yellow, the Transport Ministry said today.

Transport Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that the new laws will be put before Parliament when the new Parliament convenes after the 5th August Parliamentary election.

Amaraweera had discussed the proposal with representatives of school van associations today.

The Minister told reporters that among the issues discussed was the need to introduce a colour code for school vans.

Amaraweera said that he proposed that all school vans be painted yellow in line with a Government policy decision.

However, the associations opposed the move saying it would be costly for them to paint their vans.

The Minister said that as an alternative it was decided that school vans registered in future must be painted in yellow, while existing school vans will have a yellow bar painted across them. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr. Condosthara Amare,
    Did you know that in ITALY, the government offered to buy the petrol & diesel vehicles off the owners for Euros 4000, plus a further 20% discount on new vehicle with engines using ‘Methano’ to help the environment and climate change?. Alas!, in ”Sorry Lanka’, it’s the opposite while the looters of public funds, politicians, drug dealers, murderers, money launderers and people in senior ranks of the tri forces including the police are blatantly abusing the system.
    By asking the poor public to change the colour of their vehicles will burden them at a time when they have to reduce their two meals a day to one to survive.

  2. Hello ‘Condosthara Minister’
    Looks like you’ve been given the orders by the ‘ Maniac of a President’, with a ‘I am an American’ mentality to change the colours after in one of his day dreams, seen the ‘New York Cabs’ & the school buses in America being all ‘Yellow’.
    A recent announcement by the RMV reveals that 50% of the vehicles that are on ‘Sorry Lankas’ roads are not roadworthy. So, only a bunch of stupid cabinet members headed by another ignorant, President/PM can put forward an idiotic project like this as the solution.

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