UK standard training of eldercare services at English Nursing

English Nursing Care Sri Lanka (ENC), a leading elder’s home nursing service, recently conducted a comprehensive training session for their team of nurses with the aim of educating and reinforcing the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The training programme was conducted by their offsite nursing supervisor Maria Diaz, who is qualified in Tropical Nursing Care and has a Masters from the Plymouth University, in the United Kingdom.

ENC hosts frequent training sessions for their nursing teams to reinforce the best of hygiene and care standards for their customers.

This month’s training programme reinforced the best practices in PPE for their home-nursing teams, in the challenging times of Covid-19. From maintaining the highest hygiene standards to be practiced when visiting a client’s home to the most updated nursing techniques when using PPE in carrying out their varied daily tasks such as managing catheters, patient peg feeds and other such medical equipment.

As Sri Lanka fast moves into an aging population demographic, it is important that its elders get the best care during the most challenging period of their lives. English Nursing Care Sri Lanka looks at creating a compassionate service that is reliable, trained and knowledgeable. For more information on English Nursing, visit their website, or ring them up on 011-4500117 or drop an email to