Meals on wheels: Fairline Food Truck

By Darshani Abeyrathna

From fried rice to diverse fusion of Kottu, food trucks have become popular in culinary world at present.

Famed for its amazing choice of gourmet food, Fairline Food Truck at Fairline road, Dehiwala-Mount must be at the top if you are into street food.

In order to offer a beautiful cuisine experience Fairline Food Truck has a menu, including rice and desserts.

Even though it is a modest-sized truck, the authentic flavors are fresh. The Kottu and fried rice in the truck are made using completely natural ingredients.

If you do not have enough time to visit their truck, you can always call them and it’s just one call away for the same gastronomic experience on the go.

Fairline serves some of the mouth -watering fried chicken, and boiled eggs.

When you are making your way home after work along Fairline street, tracking down the Fairline Food Truck for a delightful Chicken Kottu will surely hit the spot.

Food is often cleaner there at Fairline and you surely must know the fact that inexpensiveness and gastronome never go typically together.

Yet here in Fairline food truck what they offer is a gourmet meal for a lower-than-normal price.

Moreover they have extended their service into parties and functions as well.

When compared to sit-in restaurants Fairline Food Truck is flexible, relatively cheap, and extremely efficient.

You will never fail to satisfy your craving for street food there.