Each Cabinet Minister asked to submit opinion on MCC proposal

Each Cabinet Minister has been asked to submit their individual opinions on the proposed Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement.

Cabinet co-spokesman Bandula Gunawardena said that the matter was discussed at the cabinet meeting held yesterday (Wednesday).

Gunawardena told reporters at the post-Cabinet meeting today that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had requested the Cabinet to study the final review report on the proposed agreement.

He said that each Cabinet Minister will submit their opinion on the proposed agreement in the near future.

Gunawardena said that the Government will not sign any agreement, with any country, if it is harmful to Sri Lanka.

He also insisted that the Sri Lankan Government will not go to destroy any agreements as demanded by the opposition as it is a diplomatic issue involving two countries.

Following a Cabinet decision taken on December 18, 2019, the a four-member committee led by Lalithasiri Gunaruwan, Professor of Economics of the University of Colombo, was appointed with effect from January 01st, 2020 to study the proposed agreement.

Former Secretary to the Ministry of Transport Dr. D. S. Jayaweera, President’s Counsel Justice Nihal Jayawardena and architect Nalaka Jayaweera are the other members.

The committee had found a number of clauses which could be harmful to Sri Lanka (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Seems like a lot of drama for a party that seem to oppose this deal as bad for SriLanka. Nivard Cabral has recently said that Mahinda Rajapaksa would never have agreed to sign such a deal (during his tenure during the early 2000’s) that’s so bad for SriLanka.

    Do they not mean what they say?
    Why appoint a useless expert committee and have them raise serious concerns if the government had already truly decided that it was bad for the country? And why seek the cabinet’s opinion now already when the president’s expert committee has made its conclusions?

    Is this the run around to prolong the drama until after the general election, and do totally the opposite after the election?

  2. All these jokers expressed their views during the Presidential election Why ask for their opinion now as they do not know whether they are coming or going . That is the Calibre of Ministers we have now

  3. All members of parliament who are illiterate, fear not, all your replies will be provided by Bandula Gunawardena.

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