PM tells Tamil journalists to inform Government about real issues in North

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has told Tamil journalists to inform the Government about real issues in the North.

Rajapaksa met with Tamil journalists at Temple Trees today where he stated that when implementing projects to improve the quality of life of the people, there should be no difference may they be from the North or South.

“I recalled how a vast number of development projects became evident in the Northern and Eastern Provinces during the tenure of our Government from 2005-2010, since 1977. Apart from the development projects carried out and implemented during my tenure, the good governance government failed to provide such a service for the people of the North and East,” Rajapaksa said with regards to the matters discussed with the journalists.

He also noted that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), while claiming to represent the people of the North, replaced their crucial issues with those that enabled their political benefits.

“I also emphasized that it is the responsibility of journalists to make the Government aware of the real issues endured by the people of the North,” he said.

The Prime Minister also stated that the Government of Sri Lanka will prioritize addressing the drinking water issue, which is a major problem faced by the people in the North and East. (Colombo Gazette)