Defence Secretary exposes activities of dirty cops

Defence Secretary (Retd.) Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne said that while many Police officers are serving in a dignified manner, some are a disgrace to the entire Police Department.

Gunaratne said that senior police officers-in-charge of provinces should be ashamed of wearing their uniforms if drug trafficking, extortion, underworld activities, illegal logging, running brothels, illegal sand mining and other illegal activities were taking place on a massive scale in their respective divisions.

“You need to curb illegal activities that are increasing at an alarming rate without heeding to forces that might influence you and also to protect the dignity of the uniform that you wear. No police officer, from senior DIGs, DIGs to OICs in the area, can wash off their hands as they all are responsible for the increase in crimes rate in their areas,” the Defense Secretary said addressing senior DIGs and DIGs representing all provinces at a special meeting held at the Defence Ministry.

The Defence Secretary said he had received letters from the public from different Police divisions stating the inefficiency of some policemen, including top Police officials in the areas, in curbing crimes and also their involvement with criminals in those areas.

“I have received many complaints that drug trafficking was carried out with the protection of some Policemen during the curfew and drugs were distributed on motorcycles and three-wheelers while also using young children with the blessings of those corrupt policemen,” he said.

He said he had received complaints about an Officer in Charge (OIC) attached to a Northern Police Station, who has taken a large sum of money from a criminal, with the support of another high ranking Police officer, to allow him to run his illegal businesses, freely.

The Defence Secretary also revealed about a failed attempt by a henchman of a notorious underworld criminal to fill a large swathe of a marshy land in the vicinity of Colombo and was thwarted by the Police Special Task Force.

“When inquired, the Police officer-in-charge of that area said he was unaware of the illegal landfilling. You can justify a police officer saying that he couldn’t detect drugs hidden inside a flower basket or a pocket but how can say that he was not aware of the filling of 4-5 acres of land,” Maj.Gen. Gunaratne asked.

He also said that although the Defence Ministry, issuing a letter on April 5 this year, had instructed Superintendents of Police (SP) to prepare reports on underworld criminals and drug traffickers in their respective police divisions, they have failed to submit those reports to the Ministry so far. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You are on the right track Sir. Eradicate the corruption and the officers responsible. Generally, a cop may not act on his own, he is also connected and protected by superiors and they collect their share of bounty. STF is doing a fantastic job. Pay more attention to money laundering and people paying cash to buy cars, luxury goods, holidays, property etc.

  2. D.S. Kamal Gunaratne, there is no point telling the people what they already know. Set up your own task force with the aid of the National Intelligence agencies to weed out the ‘top-brass’ in the Police force aiding and protecting criminals.

    Several long term jail sentences for police ‘top-brass’ involved in criminal activity will produce a sea change in attitude and a potent deterrent. As for deterring politicians engaged in similar activities, you have a snow flakes chance in hell with that.

    Even neophytes know that drug dealing and other criminal enterprises cannot succeed long term without police or political assistance. It is a pity that it has taken someone so long to come to this conclusion.

  3. So much for being judged in a court of law by an independent judiciary.
    Barking like his boss Gota irrationally doesn’t do anything.
    Lay charges, clean up the police, put in place robust accountability measures, hire the right folk, train, educate, and provide necessary tools, and compensate fairly for these men and women to their job right.
    And in the largely Tamil speaking regions, the police force must be able to fully communicate in Tamil in order to do even the basic job right.
    What the Defence secretary has been doing is useless blabbering at every opportunity.

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