Multiple artistes on one ‘online stage’ for one cause

By Easwaran Rutnam

Over 40 artistes with over 80 individual voices will be coming together on one ‘online stage’ for one cause this 30th June (Tuesday).

PodHub and  Classic Funtime are collaborating to present ‘Lean on Me’ a virtual music video in tribute to all frontline workers battling COVID-19.

Speaking to Colombo Gazette, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PodHUB, Shaq, said that the idea of creating a one of a kind music video came about during a casual conversation.

He said that while some were pessimistic at the start, there was sudden excitement as the days got closer and a number of artistes extended their support for the cause.

“No one is getting paid here. They are all doing this to support the cause,” he said.

Co-Founder of PodHUB Azlan Sheriffdeen had created the music for the song with multiple genres included to give it more variety.

Shaq said the song will include different styles and all three languages to cater to a wider audience.

Some of the big names in the local music industry, from legends to young artistes and groups are part of the event.

Shaq said the artistes were fully committed to the song and recorded their parts from where they were and sent it in.

Imran Saibo, Managing Director of Classic Funtime, said that with COVID-19 most musicians were unemployed.

He said that the collaboration in the new song brings these musicians back in the spotlight.

Saibo said that most musicians recorded their parts from their mobile home studios and sent it in while there were those who visited the PodHub studio and recorded.

The track will be launched via Facebook on the PodHub Facebook page on 30th June. (Colombo Gazette)