Karuna claims he has evidence to expose TNA and Mano Ganesan

Former LTTE Eastern Province Commander Karuna Amman has threatened to expose links between the Tamil National Alliance and the LTTE.

Speaking in Kalmunai, Amman said that he has recordings which will expose links between the LTTE and the TNA and former Minister Mano Ganesan and the LTTE.

He said that both the TNA and Mano Ganesan had made public speeches in the past where they had promoted the LTTE cause.

Amman said that if he makes the evidence he has public the TNA leadership and Ganesan will be arrested.

“I have the speech made by Sampanthan (TNA leader) at Pongu-Thamil events and Mano Ganesan at events in Vavuniya when the LTTE was still active,” he said.

He also warned that the public in the North and East will physically assault Ganesan if he attempts to interfere in matters in those areas.

The former LTTE Eastern Province Commander was questioned by the Criminal Investigations Department last week after he claimed in public that he had killed over 2000 troops in one night.

Amman said that his speech was misused in an attempt to discredit President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said that he had explained his speech to the CID while the Prime Minister had also given a good response to the controversy over his comments. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I believe what Kanish trying say that these Tamil MPs are part of democratic process not terrorists. Therefore the speeches from these MPs indicated real numbers compared to fake bogus values generated by Tamil diaspora to attack Sri Lanka in UN sessions. There were newspaper articles showing these figures but the article can be edited by the newspaper so original speeches will give the correct account.

    • Was the UNHRC resolution 30/1 of 2015 cosponsored by SriLanka’s government based on your alleged ‘diaspora created’ bogus numbers?
      You don’t think some of those representative countries in the UNHRC had their own intelligence gathered evidence? Wasn’t accountability the main purpose of the resolution? What happened to accountability?
      What is pathetic is the constant blame on the diaspora instead of demanding accountability right here in the country. But much of the country dreads accountability and has happily elected the alleged war criminal with impunity.

      • Accountability? That is a funny idea hatched by some westerners to appease pro-LTTE gatherings. Now Navi Pillai is a spokeswoman for LTTE. She shamelessly cry in support LTTE. Then, accountability become a joke foe everyone.

        • Accountability was to be applied to all parties, including LTTE.
          Sad that accountability as an idea had to come from the westerners because SriLanka doesn’t have the moral compass for accountability; never had, and never will with those afraid that the parties that they side with will be proven to have been down right evil.

  2. It was known that most of MPs from North were addressing LTTE gatherings. These recordings need to be released to international community with translations so UN and other westerners cannot accuse Sri Lanka anymore on wrong accounts of killings.

    • And how are those recordings going to show that the accounts of Tamil civilian casualties were wrong??? And does it really matter whether it was 40,000 or 140,000???
      It’s a conclusion rightfully marked in the rock of history based on evidence.
      It’s pathetic that, ten years after the war ended, folks are still entirely operating on racially motivated propaganda rather than considering factual firsthand experiences of people from the affected region and demanding accountability from our governments.

      • LTTE killed more Tamil people than any others in the history. Do you have the numbers of LTTE killings? Remember then GA of Mullaitivu Mrs. Imelda Sukumar informed only 7000+ civilians were killed during the Mullivaikkal war. Only the Indian mouth pieces like Vai.Gopalamy claims 140,000.

        • Imelda Sukumar alone cannot be the foundation of accountability. She as a source within the war zone is limited to what she witnessed. Her estimations and guesses are just that. She certainly ain’t witness to the entire Mullivaikal experience or entire anything.
          Accountability is not hopping on to what favours one’s side and flagging that as a sole factual evidence that exonerates the side you favour. That’s not accountability. It is for this reason, accountability mechanisms have to be fairly independent.
          You seemed to indicate that you have the accurate and true account of the numbers of LTTE killings of Tamils over the course of the 30 year war. Please enlighten us how you accounted independently and fairly and arrived at your conclusion comparing the number of Tamil deaths at the hands of SLAFs.

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