Border and maritime security of Sri Lanka vulnerable

Sri Lanka’s border and maritime security remained vulnerable in 2019, the US State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism 2019 said.

The report said the Sri Lankan Government is working with the UN, along with Japan, to enhance border management systems at Colombo’s international airport.

The Sri Lankan Government also expanded its partnership with the United States to secure its maritime border.

The US Coast Guard, under the Department of State’s EXBS (Export Control and Related Border Security) program, continued to train Sri Lankan Coast Guard and Navy personnel on maritime law enforcement and security operation, and the Government of Sri Lanka continued to cooperate with US Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Energy through the container security initiative, “Megaports Initiative.”

The US Department of Defense continues regular engagements with the Sri Lankan Navy Special Boat Squadron and Fast Attack Flotilla to enhance maritime security through the expansion of vessel board, search, and seizure capabilities.

The US report also said that the LTTE’s financial network of support continued after the group’s military defeat in 2009. The LTTE has employed charities as fronts to collect and divert funds for its activities.

There have been no known attacks in Sri Lanka attributed to the LTTE since 2009, but 13 LTTE supporters, several of whom had allegedly planned attacks against U.S. and Israeli diplomatic facilities in India, were arrested in Malaysia in 2014.  Additional members were arrested in Malaysia and India in 2015, one of whom was accused of exhorting other Sri Lankans to fund and revive the LTTE. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “Sri Lanka’s border and maritime security remained vulnerable in 2019, the US State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism 2019 said.”

    There are well educated, well informed and wise individuals left in the country who are well aware of the culprits of the strategies and planning of foreign invasions since ‘Lord Buddha’s ‘ time. Unfortunately for all them, just like the ‘Enlightened One’ uttered, (‘Sabbe Sankhara Anichchaa’) none of those people were able to hold on to power forever.

    ‘Serendip’, or ‘Thambapanni’ was an island full of geniuses who exported knowledge to the ‘West’ to help build their dream worlds.
    So, we, the wise minority (without discrimination) of the population are well aware of the foundation stones each power crazy, land grabbing hypocrites are laying to build empires like the sorry states of USA, China & Russia which will eventually collapse right in front of you. (Nature is the only Law Maker)
    ‘Three Gorgeous Dam’ was built to last a million years and what is the state of it now?.
    What happened to the ‘Berlin Wall?’, yet you are building a wall around the so called ‘Holy Land’, which belongs to whom?. Wake up before it’s too late my dear friends, what is permanent is only the impermanence. Metta to all.

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