Research institute designs model structure for Sri Lankan Ministries

A research institute has designed a model structure for Sri Lankan Ministries.

The role played by the Cabinet of Ministers is critical to ensure that the government functions efficiently and effectively. Verité Research has found that the way in which Cabinet portfolios are designed in Sri Lanka impedes the ability of government to be effective.

A forum held on 25 June focused on three problems associated with past Cabinets: 1) the irrational assignment of subjects under ministry portfolios; 2) the proliferation of ministries; and 3) the instability of ministry portfolios. In the past, these three problems created delays in decision-making and implementation, reduced government accountability and increased costs.

Verité Research presented a methodology that critically evaluates how rational the past three cabinets have been. It found that the problem of irrational, larger-than-necessary, unstable Cabinet ministries has been common across successive governments during the 2010-2020 period.

Verité Research noted that in the Cabinet under President Mahinda Rajapaksa in December 2014: 5% of ministries combined subjects that were unrelated to each other (misaligned) and 95% of the ministries had subjects that could have easily been grouped together (fragmented).

It also noted that 58% of all ministries in the Cabinet under President Maithripala Sirisena in November 2019 were misaligned and 84% were fragmented.

Verité Research also said that in the Cabinet under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in January 2020: 17% of the ministries were misaligned and 79% of ministries were fragmented.

Therefore, it said that fixing these problems is critical to have a Government that functions efficiently and effectively.

Based on its research, Verité Research provides a model sample of 15 ministries that can minimise irrationality and fragmentation:

1. Finance & Planning
2. Justice
3. Defence
4. Education & Research
5. Health
6. Agriculture
7. Labour
8. Public Utilities
9. Ports, Shipping, & Civil
10. Economic Affairs
11. Home Affairs & Public
12. Foreign Affairs
13. Family & Community
14. Society and Culture
15. Environment

Verité Research will be releasing a white paper providing an expanded model structure for

The online discussion, hosted by Sri Lanka’s pioneering parliamentary platform,, was joined by Mr Manjula de Silva – CEO, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Sujatha Gamage – Senior Research Fellow, LIRNEasia and Dhananath Fernando – COO, Advocata Institute. (Colombo Gazette)