Mobile app launched to mitigate impact of pandemic

By Indika Sri Aravinda

A new mobile phone- based app named “SWARAKSHA” was launched today to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A team of researchers headed by Professor Chandana Jayaratne of the Astronomy and Space Science Unit, Department of Physics of the University of Colombo developed the app under a COVID-19 pandemic prevention Research Grant from the National Research Council.

Professor Chandana Jayaratne said the app, which is 100% Sri Lankan developed, provides real-time protection with information privacy and can be downloaded free of charge by the public.

Following the updating of necessary data by Health authorities, the public will be enabled to engage in economic reviewing activities without fear.

He said the app will send alerts to the phone user when approaching people based on a colour grading system.

Red will indicate COVID- 19 active, yellow-recovered, brown-quarantined, green- quarantine completed, and magenta- arrived from abroad 14/28 days prior.

Furthermore, on a dynamic map the user can assess the risk level before entering a place, like shopping malls.

Professor Chandana Jayaratne said this app will enable the reopening of the tourism industry, which generates 13% of the country’s income.

Geofencing security facility is available if required to self- quarantine persons suspected of COVID-19 at their residences or at a hotel, while the person’s contacts during the last 14 days can also be traced.

The QR Code feature indicates the risk level and can be used to enter a public place as a security measure, in addition to the existing routine check of body temperature.

Professor Chandana Jayaratne further said the app can also be used to mitigate any other pandemics that arise in the future, while it will also help identify dengue clusters.

The “SWARAKSHA” app is by far the most advanced app developed in the world with a large number of features to mitigate any pandemic while protecting the privacy of the individual.

Professor Chandana Jayaratne added that they intend to provide this app free of charge for other needy countries through the World Health Organization. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I can not find the App in the Google Play Store neither the Apple App Store. Can you tell us where you can download it? How does it actually work? Is it with information from other users? If that is the case, what happens if only 10% of the population downloads and uses the App? Is it actually useful??

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