Ranil asks if man died of forced suicide at Independence Square

United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe raised suspicion on the death of a man at Independence Square recently.

He said that while the man committed suicide there is suspicion if it was voluntary suicide or forced suicide.

Wickremesinghe said that the concerns had been raised by lawyers who had spoken to him.

The former Prime Minister expressed these views at a meeting with the National Lawyers Association at the UNP Headquarters in Sirikotha today.

Rajeewa Prakash Jayaweera was found dead at Independence Square on 12 June with gun shot wounds.

Jayaweera who had written articles for some websites and was a former airline executive.

A 9MM pistol and a suicide note was found near his body.

Police sources had told the Colombo Gazette that in the note the victim gave alleged reasons for taking his life.

The note also claimed that the pistol used for the alleged suicide was purchased by the victim for around Rs. 150,000 and that it was tested once by the victim before being used for the alleged suicide. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ranil must have an absolute evidence, otherwise he should not create unnecessary issues to get votes. Ranil should not play dirty politics.

  2. Anyone who has any CCTV camera footage please upload it to the internet before evidence is destroyed…

  3. Why are the police looking for who sold the gun without publishing the CCTV camera footage for the public. Should the private residents shares it on social medaling??

  4. If Rajeewa Prakash Jayaweera wants to commit suicide, his house is the safest place. Why he wants to come to the Independence square?
    There are many other easy and painless ways to commit suicide. Why he wants to shoot himself?
    The people who commit suicide with gun generally shoot at neck. Why Rajeewa was shot inside the mouth?
    Independence square is a very busy place. Why the people didn’t see him?
    Had anyone traced his last telephone calls and his contacts?
    What was the hurry to conclude as suicide without proper investigations?

    • Because to send a message to all Sri Lankan’s you are all still slaves and have no Independance only this time you belong together Rajapaksas. If you want your independence don’t vote for murderous Dictators…

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